Give Me Liberty


  1. I was just wondering within the last couple days how long it’d be until we see GIVE ME LIBERTY on the screen. I think the president figure of an inept patsy is particularly topical.

    Rosario Dawson seems a touch too “pretty” and slight to play Martha, imho. Not that she should be unattractive, just a little more “hard” and muscular. The first person who springs to mind is one of the Williams sisters (frankly I can never tell Venus from Serena), though who can say whether their acting chops match their tennis prowess.

  2. Let’s cast Jennifer Hudson and see if she can act when the part doesn’t require singing! (I’m not joking. OK. I am a little bit, but less than you might think!)

  3. Rosario could hit the gym for the role, lots of actors do that. When I first heard Will Smith was going to play Muhammad Ali I was really unsure about him pulling it off physically, but he did what was required to look the part and it’s probably his greatest work to date.

    I’m not sure if Hollywood would be willing to cast an so-so looking black woman for the lead role.

  4. There’s the rub, innit? What constitutes a “so-so looking black woman”? I think what we really mean here is a black woman who looks, well, black. Rosario Dawson is beautiful, no doubt, but do we favor her because she’s lighter-skinned and looks more caucasian (or, in her case, Latina)? When I wrote my comments above I was watching “A View To A Kill” on TV and was wondering who the statuesque, ebony amazons like Grace Jones of today are. (Mind, if we’re staying true to the book she ought to be of average height, if not shorter, but you take my meaning.) Jennifer Hudson aside, who would be good if she were slightly less soft, can anyone name me a young black starlet who doesn’t look like just a darker-complected white girl? Hell, I’d cast Missy Elliot in her present shape if she were 10 years younger.

  5. Actually, continuing to mine the American Idol wagon train, if not Jennifer Hudson, there’s also Fantasia Barrino, whose hardscabble life story (which was even made into a TV-movie…starring Fantasia Barrino) might inform the Martha Washington role. Not that I saw the thing (or will get to see her in the Broadway musical she’s apparently in now,) so I have no idea what her acting chops are really like…