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Alas no time for a full report right now due to wifi cutting out. We’re having a swell time down here in Charlotte. It’s odd to see indie mainstays like Dan Nadel, Alvin Buenaventura and Randy Chang running around in the middle of an old fashioned comic book convention — one person we spoke to likened it to a “peanut M&M” — indie in the middle with a superhero shell.

Friday was a quiet day that allowed for lots of time for visitng and chatting. We spent the afternoon watching Amanda Connor draw Red Sonja, and asking Jaime Hernandez about his creative process.

We attended two panels — the Journalism panel we were on and the “State of the Industry” panel immediately after. We’ll have a fuller report on those in a bit, but let’s just say this convention is happening at a very very interesting time.

[Above, Alvin Buenaventura, Mike Dawson and Jaime Hernandez]


  1. Note that in Brubaker’s absence he has sent a box of signed ‘Criminal’ issues to Matt Fraction. Matt has them at his booth.

    I was thrilled to finally get Laura Park’s excellent mini-comic, and also excited by Paolo Rivera’s art for ‘Mythos: Captain America’ and Chris Schweizer’s preview copy of ‘Crogan’s Vengeance.’ Also, the Indie Spinner Rack crew seem as cool in person as on their podcast.