Blake Bell is celebrating Hernandez Brothers week, and of course you don’t have to ask us twice to join in the fun. Bell is posting mp3’s of a 1989 interview of Gilbert Hernandez by Gary Groth and throwws in a few observations:

Interesting that, in part one, Gilbert name checks Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko as inspirations/influences. And it’s fantastic to see that Gilbert has the work ethic of both those creators. Every time I turn around, Gilbert’s producing new work that is consistently well drawn, with a unique narrative. His latest work is a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics entitled, The Devil You Know. Go here for a preview and “trailer” from the Dark Horse site. In an era where my favourite indie artists seem to produce a book a year, Gilbert also has another full-length graphic novel coming out from Fantagraphics called, Chance In Hell.

We praise Beto’s prolific nature! Praise him with great praise!


  1. And they were wrong!

    (Sorry. Don’t mean that; it’s just that some shots demand to be taken. Didn’t even know you were working in comics.)

  2. It was Los Hermanos’ work (along with Baron & Rude’s NEXUS) that made me WANT to make comics.

    It was Eastman/Laird’s TMNT that made me believe I CAN make comics.

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