After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the in-person Ignatz Awards ceremony, sponsored by Crowdfundr, took place over the weekend as part of SPX. The Beat Editor-in-Chief Heidi MacDonald live-tweeted the ceremony as it happened, but for posterity (and for those who just want to avoid Twitter in general) here is a handy complete list of the winners and nominees for the Ignatz Awards 2022.

Congratulations to All!

Ignatz winners 2022


  • WINNER: Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life, illustrated by Reimena Yee (Hiveworks Comics)
  • Halcyon, illustrated by Ron Regé Jr. (Fantagraphics)
  • Four Years Collected: Vol 2, by K Czap (Czap Books)
  • The City of Belgium, illustrated by Brecht Evens (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Faster, illustrated by Jesse Lonergan (Bulgilhan Press)


  • WINNER: Good Boy Magazine #1– ed. Michael Sweater and Benji Nate (Silver Sprocket)
  • LAAB Magazine #2: Eat / Shit –  Ronald Wimberly and Josh O’Neill (Beehive Books)
  • Isolated: A Pandemic Comics Anthology– ed. Tana Oshima (Self Published)
  • Smut Peddler Presents: Sordid Past –  Andrea Purcell (Iron Circus Comics)
  • Baltic Comics Magazine š! #42 ‘Scientific Facts’– ed. David Schilter, Sanita Muižniece (kuš!)


  • WINNER: Mr. Boop, by Alec Robbins (Silver Sprocket)
  • Arrive In My Hands, by Trinidad Escobar (Black Josei Press)
  • Cover Not Final: Crime Funnies, by Max Huffman (Adhouse Books)
  • Think I’ve Still Got It!, by Wang XX, Translated by R. Orion Martin (Paradise Systems)
  • The Peanutbutter Sisters and Other American Storiesby Rumi Hara (Drawn & Quarterly)


  • WINNER: I See A Knight, by Xulia Vicente (Shortbox)
  • Four Years Collected: Vol 2, by K Czap (Czap Books)
  • Pee Pee Poo Poo #69, by Caroline Cash (Self Published)
  • Are Comic Books Real?, by Alex Nall (Self Published)
  • Ode to Keisha, by Jamila Rowser and Trinidad Escobar (Black Josei Press)


  • WINNER: No One Else by R. Kikuo Johnson (Fantagraphics)
  • Discipline by Dash Shaw (New York Review Comics)
  • Power Born of Dreams: My Story is Palestine, by Mohammad Sabaaneh, translated by Dalia and Mouin Rabbani (Street Noise Books)
  • Clutter: A Scatterbrained Sexual Assault Memoir, by Ariel Bordeaux (Fieldmouse Press)
  • What is Home, Mum? by Sabba Khan (Street Noise Books)


  • WINNER: Pee Pee Poo Poo #69, by Caroline Cash (Self Published)
  • Joy, by Maritsa Patrinos (Self Published)
  • Carrington’s World, by Summer Pierre (Self Published)
  • Phonestoned,  by King Ray (Self Published)
  • Sleemor Gank – Burg Land 1, by Alexander Laird (Self Published)


  • WINNER: Ride or Die by Mars Heyward
  • Blind Alley by Adam de Souza
  • Vattu by Evan Dahm
  • Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life by Reimena Yee
  • Technofeelia Vol. 4 ‘Help’ by Amy Kurzweil


  • WINNER: The Many Deaths of Laila Starr by Ram V and Filipe Andrade (BOOM! Studios)
  • Methods of Dyeing by B. Mure (Avery Hill Publishing)
  • Trans Classic Movies by Jett Allen (
  • Ley Lines Artists: Keren Katz, Cameron Weston Nicholson, Jordan Jeffries, ed. K Czap & L Nichols (Grindstone Comics & Czap Books)
  • The Nib Magazine– ed. by Matt Bors (The Nib)


  • WINNER: The Lover of Everyone in the World, from The Lover of Everyone in the World, by Beatrix Urkowitz (Parsifal Press)
  • Big Cats, by Liz Yerby (Self Published)
  • Ley Lines: The First Few Bars, by Keren Katz (Grindstone Comics & Czap Books)
  • Ley Lines: Love, or the Axe, by Jordan Jeffries (Grindstone Comics & Czap Books)
  • Winter Break 2029, from Invisible Parade, by Mississippi (Glacier Bay Books)


  • WINNER: Djeliya, by Juni Ba (TKO Studios)
  • Arrive In My Hands, by Trinidad Escobar (Black Josei Press)
  • Archeologist Landing, by Yara Elfouly (Self Published)
  • Koreans Speak English, by Juniper Kim (Self Published)
  • The Third Person, by Emma Grove (Drawn & Quarterly)