Today is writer Bill Mantlo’s 61st birthday. Writer of beloved comic book runs such as The Incredible Hulk and ROM: Space Knight, he was also one of the guiding creative forces behind my favourite Marvel characters – The Soviet Super-Soldiers/Winter Guard.

His creations range from Jack of Hearts and Cloak & Dagger to Rocket Raccoon and White Tiger, while his work remains a massive influence for many of today’s top writers.

Comics Should Be Good recently compiled a run-down of his ten greatest stories, which are worth a look at. Nobody was more prolific than Bill Mantlo! If you’d like to read more about his work in comics, I’d like to point you to this site, where you can buy a biography of his career. You should also pay a visit to this message from Greg Pak, whose Hulk run was massively influenced by Mantlo’s work.

Happy Birthday, Bill Mantlo!


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