We know it is wrong to steal pictures from Facebook, but this photo from Tim Leong’s photo gallery from the event sheds much light on our previous karaoke woes. It also elicited this response from one Chip Zdarsky:

It’s weird that by simply looking at a photo of people singing I can tell that it sounds terrible.

In our defense, we’d like to note that this photo does much to prove the little-known “photo tracing” charge against both Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama.

One Piece


  1. Karaoke? Sitting down? You might as well be singing in the ladies room!

    No… one must get on stage. One must PERFORM for and WITH the audience. If nothing else, you gain sympathy points for actually getting in front of people, and you’ve entertained them, if only by your gawdoffal rendition of “Macarthur Park”. If you nail it… if you transcend the spirit of the hairbrush and reach that “42nd Street” status, then people will buy you drinks, your friends will bask in your celebrity aura, and for a shining moment, your dreary, work-a-day world will disappear into the shadows created by your spotlight.

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