The world’s most successful animated band, the supergroup Gorillaz, is getting a 120-page full-color hardcover annual from Z2 Comics. The Gorillaz Almanac will be available in October 2020 in three editions: Standard, Deluxe, and the already-sold-out Super Deluxe Edition.

Gorillaz Almanac

Gorillaz is comprised of lead singer 2D, guitarist Noodle, bassist Murdoc Niccals, and drummer Russel Hobbs. Since 1998, the animated band has entertained audiences around the world, thanks in part to the efforts of artist Jamie Hewlett and band vocal coach Damon Alburn (the other part, of course, being the deal Murdoc made with the devil to achieve rock superstardom). A genuine phenomenon, it’s unlikely that readers aren’t familiar with at least one of the group’s songs or albums.

The Gorillaz Almanac is inspired by the British comics tradition of the hardcover annual. Featuring new and exclusive artwork, including the first comic strip to star the band, the annual also includes puzzles and special guest stars.

Although the Super Deluxe Edition was limited to 200 and has already sold out, the Deluxe edition – limited to a run of 6,666 per Murdoc’s request – is still available. In addition to the hardcover 120 page book and the Season One Song Machine CD that comes with the Standard edition of the Gorillaz Almanac, the oversized Deluxe edition will also include a sheet of stickers and four art prints (which are signed by the band, no less… Murdoc’s name first).

This isn’t the first book about the Gorillaz: in 2006, Rise of the Ogre was released. This book-length interview with Gorillaz covered the genesis and rise of the supergroup, with in-depth information about each track on both studio albums that had been released at that point. These days, Rise of the Ogre is very difficult to find, with even used copies running around $200 apiece — so if you’re serious about securing the Gorillaz Almanac for you or your loved ones, maybe consider taking advantage of the pre-order option.