What the hell–? Is all life one big viral marketing stunt now? It seems that Dutch children recently pulled a giant man made from Lego from the seas. Although you might have expected them to set up a pagan sacrifice around it, or parade it through the streets borne by asses, instead they placed it in front of a concession stand.

Workers at a drinks stall rescued the 8-foot model, which has a yellow head and blue torso.

“We saw something bobbing about in the sea and we decided to take it out of the water,” said a stall worker. “It was a life-sized Lego toy.”

A woman nearby added: “I saw the Lego toy floating toward the beach from the direction of England.”

We fully expect Greeks to creep out of this thing at night, so be watchful, Dutch children!


  1. “How in the hell is an 8-foot tall Lego considered “life size?” ”

    the toys from Legoland are misleading. Like the transformers, the real life things are very much indeed larger than the toys heaped upon our youth! ;)

  2. The site http://emvergeoning.com/ has photos of the lego man at some dutch music festival called “Dance Valley” apparently it was an art installation. On the lego man’s back it reads “Ego Leonard” and the number 9 there is a site http://www.egoleonard.com that crashed yesterday, but before it did someone managed to translate from Dutch:
    “My name is Ego Leonard and I greet you from the virtual world. A world which for me stands for luck, solidarity, everything green and blooming, and without rules and restrictions. Recently, my world has been flooded with luck-seekers and those who want power. Many new meetings in my virtual world have left me very curious as to your surroundings. I am here because I thought of your world and wanted to discover and understand it. Show me all of those beautiful things which your world has to offer. Be my friend, and tell me tales, take me on your travels to beautiful landscapes, show me your words and gestures.”

    Not that any of this really makes anymore sense or explains how it ended up in the ocean but its a start

  3. whatever people think about the lego man i think it is cool wierd but cool kids like it and that is all that matters. And please stop cersin please!! it probabley came from lego land or something anyway who cares were it came from it is neat and i like it and my kids at work like it too.

  4. apparently a dutch artist made it and chucked in the water as a joke, if thats not true it probably got washed away from lego land

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