Nasa has discovered a giant hand crushing the stars out in space:

Red represents low-energy X-rays, the medium range is green, and the most energetic ones are colored blue. The blue hand-like structure was created by energy emanating from the nebula around they dying star PSR B1509-58. The red areas are from a neighboring gas cloud called RCW 89.


Subliterate Cinephile does the math, and finds the corresponding panel from, I believe, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Although the post blames Grant Morrison — just because it’s funnier — he actually didn’t come up with this one…it was Wolfman/Perez.

(Thanks to DWF and Franklin for emailing the link.)


  1. Actually, I think it was John Broom and Gil Kane in Green Lantern #40 that first introduced that concept. The panel is definitely from COIE, however.

  2. Yes, Ken is correct.

    The fact that they pulled in such a cool moment from DC history into Crisis and made it so seminal tripled its coolness factor. Wasn’t the hand also used in an episode of Justice League?

  3. Chris: Actually I was referring to the cartoon, but now that you mention it that appearance in that issue of JLA sounds vaguely familiar.