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Speaking of downloading, did you know you can legally download stuff from Well neither did we, but it seems various studios have pacted with the site for paid downloads.

In fact, BitTorrent is making a special offer just for Beat readers!

For one week only, we are giving away the new 20th Century Fox film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer for only 0.99¢ (REGULAR PRICE IS $14.99)

This is an exclusive offer reserved for loyal BitTorrent customers, and now a select few online communities. The link to this special price is not available to the general public, or through browsing our site, so click the link below to check out the movie at the special price.
Go here to purchase.
Special Price: $0.99
Regular Price: $14.99
You Save: $14.00 (94%)
Offer Expires: 10/23/07 03:00 PDT

Please note, the special offer is only good until Tues, Oct 23.

Although we weren’t HUGE fans, this movie is probably worth 99¢ for the naked Jessica Alba and Chris Evans in a towel scenes alone. BEWARE: Good for Windows users only. BOO!


  1. Well, this is completely awesome! I’ve been championing BitTorrent as a legitimate distribution method for movies, music and comics for about 2 years now. (And to be honest, many game vendors have been using it for legit distribution for a while.)

    Well worth .99 just to support the initiative! :)

  2. $14.99 is the regular price for a download? That’s pretty much store price right? That’s a big drawback to the pay-to-download sites so far, not only are you not getting a price cut but rather technically paying more for the product. In this case, there isn’t any cost to the company for the production and distribution of a physical product. But you still pay the same price. Same with iTunes. At a dollar a song, once you get an album of 13 or 14 songs you might as well have gone out and just bought it. You’ve paid the same price but haven’t gotten an actual product.

    The company doesn’t spend as much, but you pay the same. That’s still not good internet business and not a huge encouragement for those who can download it for free. Time for the big companies to be less greedy and figure out how these here internets work.