You wanted more 99¢ digital trade paperbacks?  I’ve got one for you, and this time it’s not Marvel.

It seems that Amazon is selling Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier, Vol. 1 for 99¢.


This is Cooke’s retelling of the birth of the Silver Age and it’s masterpiece, pure and simple.  One of those books with a pretty wide consensus on its greatness.  The second volume, which completes the story is only discounted down to $5.99 – still cheap for what it is, but a good example of the distortion field those 99¢ prices create.  (Or you could go to your local comic shop and buy it in print.)

If you haven’t tried New Frontier, this is likely the best chance to sample it you’re ever going to get.  Highest possible recommendation if you’ve never read it.


  1. Grabbed Vol. 2 . Why not . I have the omnibus edition, but this is going to be much easier to read . Thanks for the heads up.

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