Clifford Meth updates Gene Colan’s health (not great but hanging in there) and reveals that Marvel is doing the right thing:

Not only has Marvel Entertainment awarded Gene Colan a generous retirement bonus, but also plans are underway for an impressive tribute book for early 2009. While the project has not been officially approved, it appears that I will soon be editing THE INVINCIBLE GENE COLAN for Marvel. I’ll share more details as they emerge.

Good news.
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  1. Indeed, good job by Marvel. I do hope that they (and DC as well) take this opportunity to be more proactive about taking care of the creators who provided the foundations of their current success, instead of waiting for things to reach a critical level.

  2. Good for Marvel!

    In addition to a tribute book, I’d love (for selfish reasons) to see Marvel publish as many reprint trades of Gene Colan’s work as possible in coming months, with a portion of the revenue going to help him. I know some of it is already out there, but I’d love to get my grubby mitts on more of it.

  3. Great!!! They should do this for all the other aging artists who have worked for them and given them their body and soul for decades…

  4. …and Archie should reprint the work done by Colan from 1987-92. Jughead’s Time Police, Pals and Gals, etc. Rather obscure, but part of his massive catalog of work.

  5. That’s great! Nice move on Marvel’s part for a guy who played a big part in making it what it is today. Let’s all pray for The Dean’s continued stable health.