Awarded not minutes ago, Garen Ewing has won this year’s Young People Comic Award for his book The Rainbow Orchid. Awarded as part of the British Comic Awards, the book was published by Egmont UK and both written and drawn by Ewing.


Starring lead character Julius Chancer, the series has led to subsequent stories published in The Phoenix. Taking inspiration from works like the Tintin stories, Ewing describes the comic as follows:

The Rainbow Orchid is a classic mystery adventure comic strip in the Franco-Belgian school of bande dessinée as developed by Hergé, Edgar P. Jacobs, Yves Chaland and many others, though the story has a very British setting, even if a large part of the tale plays out in the Indian subcontinent and its lost valleys.

After making it onto the shortlist, The Rainbow Orchid beat off Dan White, Luke Pearson, Vivianne Schwartz and Jim Medway to claim the top honours. It was voted the winner by schoolchildren around the UK. You can find more from Ewing at his website, here.

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