Bravo Zulu Cover
Speaking of sailors, our attention has been drawn to BRAVO ZULU, part of the “Fulfill Your Destiny” campaign to increase minority enrollment in the US Naval Academy. Created by writer and director Deborah Franco, the campaign has included ad spots, but will now expand into a graphic novel, above. According to a spokesperson for Franco, “This campaign has been the most successful in attracting new applicants to date! Since the campaign’s roll out, there has been the highest number of minority applications ever: 4,384, an increase of almost 50 percent over last year.”

Hm, what future shapes can this comics/sailors crossover take? V. v. exciting!


  1. “The New Avengers: Guest Starring the Fantastic Four”

    “CVN 73”

    “Coming Home: What to Expect, How to Deal When You Return from Combat”

    Can’t find pages of “Bravo Zulu”. It should be noted that this comicbook is being used to encourage minority enrollment in the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, not the U.S. Navy in general. (I believe DOD uses videogames for that demographic.)

    Heck… if it worked for the University of Oregon
    why not the Navy?