It would seem that Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative is doubling down on Deadpool.  We previously told you about the Skottie Young/Nic Klein Deadpool relaunch.  Now Marvel’s launching a second title, Deadpool: Assassin with Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagley.  This isn’t completely out of the blue as Bunn’s written a reasonable amount of Deadpool comics and I seem to recall Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe being a strong performer in the book market with the collected edition.

Official PR follows:

The Merc with a Mouth’s got an all-new story, and he’s bringing a friend along for the ride: his old pal, Weasel! This June, the Regeneratin’ Degenerate joins in on a killer-for-hire team-up that will make every other mercenary story look like a fairytale in writer Cullen Bunn and artist Mark Bagley‘s DEADPOOL: ASSASSIN #1!

This isn’t your friendly neighborhood Deadpool. This is Deadpool action the old-fashioned way in an all-new limited series, and it’s going to be a wild, bombastic, bloody ride!

Cullen Bunn has presented fans with twisted and epic Wade Wilson stories in DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS, and DEADPOOL: BACK IN BLACK.Now, he’s teaming up with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN artist Mark Bagley for a collaboration fans will not want to miss—featuring ninjas and knife-wielding speedsters and surprises that will test Deadpool’s emotions in ways not even he can imagine! Hard to believe, right? Well, get believin’, True Believers!

Get ready for Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagley’s DEADPOOL: ASSASSIN #1 this June!


  1. Because the smiles are a bit jarring, like with Scarlet Spider … But the more important is … Why is Jimmy Olsen in that plane ? unless it’s Archie ?!

  2. Nothing says Fresh Start like a writer who has never had a Marvel comic that anyone has ever cared about in the history of the universe.

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