The Association of French Comics Critics (ACBD) has declared the first volume of J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman’s Echolands the winner of the Prix Comics 2023, the fifth recipient of an award focused rewarding English-originated material. First published by Image Comics, the French edition was published by Panini Comics with translation by Laurent Laget.


The ACBD judges said [translated by DeepL]:

“This collection of six episodes demonstrates narrative creativity in both staging and graphic composition, paying tribute to all facets of popular culture. An inventiveness that perfectly matches the ambitions of the ACBD awards.”

The ACBD Prix Comics will be formally awarded to the French edition’s publisher, Panini Comics, Saturday October 28, 2023 at the Saint Malo Quai des Bulles festival.

Solicited as a “mythic-fiction epic”, Echolands first volume was originally published by Image Comics as a six issue series between August 2021 and February 2022, with the collection releasing August 2022. It was created by the fan-favourite and award winning Batwoman team of W. Haden Blackman and J. H. Williams III, with colours by Dave Stewart, and letters by Todd Klein. The French edition from Panini Comics was released in June 2023.

Echolands came out on top in a really hotly contested category, competing with the French editions of Jim Terry’s Come Home, Indio; Zoe Thorogood’s The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott; Peach Momoko’s Demon Days; and Daniel Warren Johnson’s Do A Powerbomb.

The Prix Comics is part of a portfolio of awards bestowed by the Association of French Comics Critics [l’Association des Critiques et journalistes de Bande Dessinée, ACBD] recognising comics (or bande dessinée) work in the French-language market. There are currently four annual prizes: French-originated material for kids (Prix Jeunesse) and adults (Prix de la Critique); work originating from Asia (Prix Asie), and work originating from the English-language market (Prix Comics). The Prix Comics 2022 went to the French edition of Barry Windsor Smith’s Monsters published by Delcourt (English edition by Fantagraphics).

Below full list of the nominees with French titles, publishers (French and English) and their translators.

    • WINNER: Echolands vol 1, by W. Haden Blackman & John H. Williams III, French translation Laurent Laget (Panini Comics) — English publisher Image Comics
    • Come Home, Indio, by Jim Terry, French translation Jérôme Wicky (Komics Initiative) – English publisher Street Noise Books
    • The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott [Dans les yeux de Billie Scott], by Zoe Thorogood, French translation Basile Béguerie (Bubble Éditions) — English publisher Avery Hill
    • Demon Days, by Peach Momoko, French translation Mathieu Auverdin (Panini Comics) — English publisher Marvel Comics
    • Do a Powerbomb, by Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer, French translation Cédric Calas (Urban Comics) — English publisher Image Comics

When the finalists of the ACBD Prix Comics were announced, there was also a sizeable list of honorary mentions:

    • Catwoman: Lonely City, by Cliff Chiang, French translation Jérôme Wicky (Urban Comics) — English publisher DC Comics (Black Label)
    • Elric, by Roy Thomas, Michael T. Gilbert, Philip Craig Russell, French translation Alex Nikolavitch (Delirium) — English publisher Titan Comics
    • Miracleman, by Alan Davis, John Totleben, Garry Leach, French translation Mathieu Auverdin (Panini Comics) — English publisher Marvel Comics
    • Red Room, by Ed Piskor, French translation Nicolas Bertrand (Delcourt) — English publisher Fantagraphics
    • The Secret to Superhuman Strength [Le Secret de la force surhumaine], by Alison Bechdel, Holly Rae Taylor, French translation Lili Sztajn (Denoël Graphic) — English publisher Mariner Books (US)/Jonathan Cape (UK)
    • The Nice House on the Lake volumes 1 and 2, by James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, French translation Maxime Le Dain (Urban Comics) — English publisher DC Comics (Black Label)
    • Ultramega, by James Harren, Dave Stewart, French translation Benjamin Rivière (Delcourt) — English publisher Image Comics