If, like me, you play games like Mass Effect just to romance the aliens, then today’s installation in our A Year of Free Comics feature will be right up your alley. Alakotila‘s Fell Swoop is a completed queer sci-fi story with slow-burn romance and plenty of tension that is currently available on Webtoon, among a selection of other fantastic queer comics.

In Fell Swoop, medic Naran and his team head off on a mission that leads them to the Builder ruins; he’s less than thrilled by the trajectory of the mission, especially when the team realizes they’re not alone. They discover an alien scavenger, Atavah, who Naran adds to their mission party as a guide in an effort to ease their confrontation with the stranger.

But when an attack on the mission party separates Naran and Atavah from the others, tensions shift toward romance as they agree to work together to find their way out of the ruins. What follows is a sweet, slow-burn romance that defies expectations and reads like a breath of fresh air. We see both characters learn and grow from each other in a way that’s healthy and hopeful.

Here’s the short description with rating information, per the comic’s Webtoon page:

A medic and his team encounter a lone scavenger foraging in the ruins. After an attack on the mission party, the pair find themselves alone and drawn to each other, despite the masks they each wear. Rating PG13/TV14; LGBTQA+ own voices

Alakotila launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to bring Fell Swoop to print, which was successfully funded in March. However, if you missed the campaign or are just hearing about the comic now (like, through this post), don’t fret! You can still check it out on Webtoon, support Alakotila on Patreon, and follow them on Twitter to keep up with their current and future work.

Fell Swoop preview