Robot6 LogoKevin Melrose, Chris Mautner, John Parkin and the rest of the former [email protected] gang have reassembled over at Comic Book Resources as Robot 6:

So what the heck is a Robot 6? You’ll have to ask Kevin Melrose, who came up with our cool new name. Although I’d be hard pressed to tell you what happened to Robots 1-5, I can share what I do know: Robot 6 is a new comics blog by many of the folks from the old [email protected] In addition to Kevin and me, you’ll also find Lisa Fortuner, Tom Bondurant, Michael May, Melissa Krause, Stephanie Chan, Tim O’Shea and Chris Mautner here. You’ll also find a couple of people whose names you might recognize from the comics industry – Jennifer de Guzman from SLG Publishing and Larry Young of AiT/Planet Lar fame. And no doubt there will be some other folks popping up from time to time as well … what’s life without a few surprises?

Although full-scale posting doesn’t begin until next week, we can only say…welcome back, kids. We missed you.
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  1. Clearly, I missed some form of big deal – some bloggers from what amounts to a publishers PR agency move to another site – ok.. and?

    We keep getting stories on this here but I don’t grasp why anyone should care

  2. Charles, I want to make it clear that I am writing about comics and my experiences in the industry as a freelancer. I’m not getting paid by SLG to do it, nor am I trying to use my freelance work as publicity for the company. I am a writer, not a PR agency.

  3. Jennifer – I should have been clearer – the “Publisher PR agency” I was referring to was Newsarama and the move of some of the bloggers from there to CBR – sorry for the confusion.