Comics historian and translator Ryan Holmberg announced on Instagram that FLASH POINT by Imai Arata has been licensed in English by indie / alt manga publisher Glacier Bay Books.

Flash Point by Imai Arata
Japanese cover of FLASH POINT by Imai Arata (photo from Ryan Holmberg on Instagram)

Imai Arata describes his latest manga as follows:

“This is a work about viral posts, social media lynching, and conspiracy theories. You can think of it as a post-QAnon manga. It’s about the kind of virtual mob violence that can happen to anyone active on social media, and how the anger and nihilism that underwrites such phenomena ultimately led to the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. It’s about a normal high school girl and a jobless dude who suddenly find themselves at the center of conspiracy theories concerning Abe’s death and the horrible things that happen to them as a result.”

In the Instagram announcement, Holmberg clarified that he will be translating the manga, and that it is slated for release by Glacier Bay Books in the first half of 2024.

Flash Point by Imai Arata indie manga Glacier Bay Books
A panel from the forthcoming FLASH POINT by Imai Arata

Glacier Bay Books previously released F by Imai Arata in 2021 (also translated by Ryan Holmberg). Described as one of the most obscure manga to be released in English, F reimagines the Fukushima disaster as a warzone overtaken by terrorist extremists in the wake of the 3/11 disaster, and follows a British journalist’s infiltration of the region during the height of the conflict. Holmberg also announced that F – which has only been available in print and is currently sold out – would also possibly be getting a limited reprint alongside the release of FLASH POINT.

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