Yesterday, on Thursday, May 6th, 2021, DC Comics unveiled a special preview of the previously announced one-shot, DC Pride #1, as well as the new 8-issue series, Crush & Lobo.

Both Crush & Lobo #1, which will be available at your local comic shop on June 1st, 2021, and the DC Pride #1 one-shot, which will be available at your LCS on June 8th, 2021, are part of the first time new content has been released for the Pride Month by DC Comics, which has historically plugged pre-existing content featuring queer representation to celebrate Pride.

Try not to look directly at this creative team, they’re too bright without eye protection.
The new Progressive DC Pride logo, based off of the “Progress” flag designed by Daniel Quasar.

In addition to unveiling the complete creative team, which includes some of the biggest names in comics, DC Comics also unveiled their new Progressive DC Pride logo, based off of the “Progress” flag designed by Daniel Quasar, which incorporates the rainbow pride colors, trans pride colors, and black and brown stripes to recognize the marginalization of queer people of color. The new Progressive DC Pride logo will make its official debut on June 1st, 2021, appearing on Crush & Lobo #1 and on all of the DC Comics published throughout the month of June.

In addition to stories featuring the queer characters of DC Comics, DC Pride #1 will also include full-page profiles of the heroes in the DCTV universe who are LGBTQIA+, along with interviews with the actors who portray them, with an emphasis on the fact that for many viewers, these characters represent the first time we’ve been able to see ourselves represented on live-action television.

Plus, part of the Pride celebration will Pride-themed variant covers for many of the books in the line. Yesterday, along with the details on DC Pride #1 and Crush & Lobo #1, Jen Bartel’s variant cover for Batman #109 was released.

DC Pride
Variant cover for Batman #109 by Bartel.

In addition to all this, the post also included a link to a first look at Crush & Lobo #1 by Mariko Tamaki and Amancay Nahuelpan. This 8-issue series will run through January 2022, and it features a whole bunch of incredible variant covers, so you’ll want to check them all out and make your plan accordingly.

If you’re interested in picking up these issues, you might consider contacting your LCS in advance – but if you find that proposition overwhelming, DC Comics associate editor Andrea Shea has created an order sheet that can be used as a guideline, which you can find here. The final order cutoff is Sunday, May 9th, 2021, so you’ll want to act as swiftly as possible!

Will you be picking up Crush & Lobo #1 and/or DC Pride #1 when they arrive at your LCS in June? Which variants are you hoping to secure? Is there a particular story in the anthology to which you are looking forward? Let The Beat know in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat!