WB Games have confirmed what will be the first piece of downloadable content for their blockbuster Batman: Arkham Knight. If you’ve already 100% completed the game and are hovering around aimlessly waiting to activate the Knightfall protocol, fret not; season pass holders will be able to play a prequel Batgirl story at no additional cost on July 14. Batgirl: A Matter of Family will be a story of the Barbra Gordon version of the character before the events of Arkham Asylum.


Taking place in a new location and just as with Arkham Knight’s story, parts of this prequel DLC will see Batgirl tandem brawl alongside Robin and include a new hacking mechanic. Don’t worry about getting a one-round sized DLC like the Harley Quinn launch pack; the Batgirl DLC will include several side quests.

If you want an idea of what the DLC’s story may be about then look no further than the main game itself. When inside the clock tower, and a few other parts of Gotham, several newspapers can be found with a headline that reads “Batgirl Saves Police Commissioner”.

It should also be noted the DLC is credited to WB Montreal and not Arkham Knight developer, Rocksteady. If you recall, WB Montreal were the studio behind the Arkham Origins game.

Season pass holders will be able to download the new pack for free on July 14. A week later on July 21 the content will be available as standalone for $6.99. Currently the only platforms listed are PS4 and Xbox One.

What Batgirl skins would you like to see in the game?