Spirit Final
Bigger than FINAL CRISIS!

THE SPIRIT opens Christmas Day.


  1. The tag line, “He’s Something the World Needs…” bugs me.

    It’s so… so… blah!

    It sounds like the tag line for a 24-hour deodorant, or a more absorbant diaper.

    How about a tagline like:

    “Evil Beware!”


    “Defender of Justice!”


    “If You’re a Bad Guy, He’ll Rip Out Your Spleen!”

    Anything but, “He’s Something the World Needs…”

  2. The only drawback about having it open on Christmas Day is like finding where your parents hid your presents and once you’ve peeked at them, you’re not really overwhelmed with them and demand that they get taken back to the toy store and exchange it for something you really want.



  3. For the trivia-inclined, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm also opened on Xmas Day. I remember driving up from Bowling Green to Toledo at I think the only theater in town playing it.

  4. I thought we weren’t allowed to make nasty comments about the god damned Spirit movie anymore.
    (Who’s more powerful,…Will Eisner’s Spirit or Frank Miller’s Spirit?)

  5. I can’t wait to see it …at the end of the day its a comic creator getting to do a film. on that level i will give it a shot.

  6. I’m still open-minded about the film — I just don’t like the lackluster “imminent deadline” tagline.

    It’s like, “Well, the deadline for the poster is here and we don’t have anything else, so let’s go with…”

  7. Is this a vanity project for Frank? Have you noticed some of the other promotional material with Frank’s sketchy artwork? What other movies, that are comic related, have been accompanied by comic style art? If this is true, why not use Will Eisner’s art? Is DC still trying to align themselves with this film or have they disassociated with it? How about a boxed set, with this movie, the Hasselhoff Nick Fury, the Corman Fantastic Four and the rubber-eared Captain America film? Too bad Mystery Science Theatre isn’t on the air anymore. I’m sure they would have great fun with “Frank Miller’s, The Spirit.”

  8. After reading The Spirit Vol.1 by Darwyn Cooke last night I thought why wasn’t The Spirit movie being done by him? Cooke would have done it right. Jesus is this movie going to suck.

  9. Blackeye – The Hasselhoff/Nick Fury film is available exclusively at Best Buy.

    I know you don’t want to hear that – but unfortunely it’s true. It was produced by the same guys who did the Generation X film and they would have gotten away with doing a version of Black Widow NOT TO YOUR LIKING if it hadn’t been for the untimely intervention by those guys at Nielsen Media.



  10. It was going to be a tv movie. What I meant was that the ratings for Nick Fury didn’t exactly bowl the advertisers over, so I guess Fox scrapped the plans for Black Widow.



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