Still battling the respiratory monster here at SBM…so we’re a little off our game.

You know not to turn this into the 300 blog (haw!) but WB has a fairly HUGE promotion with MySpace where, according to your friend and mine, Tom:

Happy New Year! I’ve got a little gift for you all, made possible by 300 the movie!

Some of you may have noticed already–the photo count has been increased to 300! You can now upload up to 300 photos. Enjoy! Next week we’ll have albums so you can organize your photos. Enjoy and thanks to Warner Bros and 300 for making this possible!

Yes, thank YOU, 300. Thanks to you we must now endure 300 photos of drunk girls from Jersey sitting on a couch with their friends.

While we enjoy a nice eucalyptus steam treatment, we’re going to be easing up on link blogging here for a little while in favor of actually, you know, writing things. We’ll still be bringing you the most important stories, but for the next while we feel our meagre resources are best turned to other purposes.

What do you think, loyal readers? Would you rather have lots of links? Or more stories about giant squid? Or more essays and reports of the kind that take us far too long? Speak, people, we’re listening.


  1. I agree that links can be found just about anywhere. It’s the quality at The Beat that keeps bringing me, not so much as the quantity. However, you’re also human and when a break is needed, it should be taken. :)

    But yes, it’s your essays that I prefer, even if I have to wait for them. They’re good brain fodder that’s often made me think in different perspectives about the industry. And you’ve been in the game so long, it’s good to hear it from ye ol’ wise ones. ;D I know I’ve had some sense knocked into my head more than a few times here. :D