The Beat has happened upon an initial preview of Shadowman #2, the Diggle/Segovia relaunch that sees Shadowman leave the Deadside for New Orleans in an story called “Fear of the Dark.”

Official PR follows and then some pages:

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside SHADOWMAN (2018) #2 – the second adrenaline-fueled installment of A POWERFUL NEW ONGOING SERIES from superstar writer Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One, Daredevil) and high-octane artist Stephen Segovia (NINJAK, Action Comics)! A brand-new beginning for New Orleans’ supernatural icon continues here with the next awe-inducing, 30-page chapter of “FEAR OF THE DARK” – Diggle and Segovia’s introductory storyline – as Jack Boniface retakes his rightful place in the vanguard of Valiant’s most powerful heroes…even as an otherworldly force prepares to drag him to the damned darkness he thought he’d left behind…

Jack Boniface has only just returned home to New Orleans…but the Deadside won’t let him stay gone! From across the veil of life and death, the malignant presence of Baron Samedi – a ravenous voodoo deity bent on consolidating power at all costs – now seeks to infiltrate the mortal plane and claim the legacy of Shadowman for himself! But even as Jack and Alyssa marshal a defense to Samedi’s inhuman agenda, a monstrous new force – driven by killer instinct and a rabid hatred of the Shadowman – is about to turn the Big Easy’s back alleys into a hunting ground…

In the tradition of X-O MANOWAR and BLOODSHOT REBORN, the must-read ongoing series of 2018 hits the rooftops running on April 25th as Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia cry “FEAR OF THE DARK” in SHADOWMAN #2 – featuring covers by Tonci Zonjic (Who is Jake Ellis?), Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT SALVATION), Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA, NINJA-K), and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night)!

But first: The saga begins on March 28th in SHADOWMAN #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of “FEAR OF THE DARK,” a tense and gripping three-issue introduction pushing Jack Boniface to the farthest edge of fear itself…and into a startling fight for survival as Shadowman takes command of the birthright he was born to uphold!

Then: Shadowman’s inaugural year will soon spiral into “DEAD AND GONE” – an epic exploration into the true power and impact of the Shadowman legacy across the ages, spanning SHADOWMAN #4-7 and featuring a rotating cast of all-star artists, including Shawn Martinbrough (Thief of Thieves, Black Panther), Doug Braithwaite (X-O MANOWAR, Journey into Mystery), and Renato Guedes (BLOODSHOT SALVATION), on each issue!

For years, Jack Boniface believed that he knew the true story of the Shadowman loa – the true story of the curse inside him. He was wrong.

For the first time, Jack Boniface is about to discover the long-hidden history of the supernatural power that became his birthright… Unmoored in time and space, the loa is about to reveal its untold dimensions…and now, the last defender of the wall between our realm and the Deadside is falling backwards through the astral void, finding himself face to face with his forebears across the centuries – from the paranoia-addled alleyways of 1940s New York to the fire-scorched plantations of the Civil War…all the way back to the primeval height of the African savannah in 40,000 B.C.!

And finally: Just in time for Halloween, the battle for the legacy of Master Darque erupts into civil war for “RAG AND BONE,” an all-new jumping-on point encompassing SHADOWMAN #8-11 and featuring the return of high-octane artist Stephen Segovia!

For some men – like the sadistic necromancer Nicodemo Darque, whose eternal conflict with the Boniface family’s lineage of Shadowmen was bound in blood nearly two centuries ago – the true path to power lies beyond death… And even the last relics of their earthly remains can become a doorway themselves…

As Shadowman returns to New Orleans with a revelatory new understanding of the immense abilities within himself, he won’t have long to adjust…because a war for control of the ultimate magical artifact – the bones of Master Darque, his old arch-nemesis – is about to erupt out of the underground and into the harsh view of day!

On one side: The Brethren, a society of wealthy and powerful occultists obsessed with Darque’s resurrection and ushering in a millennia-long reign of darkness. On the other: Shadowman’s old allies from The Abettors…and Darque’s own sister, Sandria, who would like nothing more than to grind her brother’s bones to dust…

It all starts here on March 28th as “FEAR OF THE DARK” draws first blood with Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia in SHADOWMAN (2018) #1 – featuring covers by Tonci Zonjic (Who is Jake Ellis?), Renato Guedes(BLOODSHOT SALVATION), Juan José Ryp (BRITANNIA), and Travel Foreman (Animal Man, The Ultimates)!

SHADOWMAN (2018) #1
Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC (JAN182001)
Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (JAN182002)
Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (JAN182003)
Shadowman Icon Variant by TRAVEL FOREMAN (JAN182004)
Glow-in-the-Dark Brushed Metal Variant by TONCI ZONJIC (JAN182005)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale MARCH 28th (FOC – 3/5/18)

SHADOWMAN (2018) #2
Written by ANDY DIGGLE
Cover A by TONCI ZONJIC (FEB181885)
Cover B by RENATO GUEDES (FEB181886)
Interlocking Variant by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (FEB181888)
Shadowman Icon Variant by BEN TEMPLESMITH (FEB181889)
Blank Cover Also Available (FEB181887)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale APRIL 25th (FOC – 4/2/18)