Via Flog, gladsome news that FBI is offering PDF previews of several upcoming books

Download links are available on the product listing pages for the books listed and linked below. Try before you buy with these nice juicy chunks:

• Hank Ketcham’s Complete Dennis the Menace 1959-1960 – read all the strips from January 1959!
• Unlovable Vol. 1 – preview the first 20 pages!
• Humbug – see what the Humbug hullabaloo is all about by reading the entire first issue!
• Mome Vol. 14: Spring 2009 – sample 15 pages, including almost every artist in the issue!
• Sam’s Strip – read the first full month of strips!
• The Wolverton Bible – read the first 12 pages, comprising most of Genesis 1-6!

While Robert Crumb’s GENESIS is due later this year and is certain to set the comics world on its ear, you won’t find much more spectacular than Basil Wolverton’s version of the same material, above.


  1. I have to disagree with Gene. Crumb has done an enormous number of great stories in the last few decades: his collaborations with Pekar, “Uncle Bob’s Mid-Life Crisis”, the Philip K. Dick story, virtually everything he did for Weirdo and Hup. He’s one of the world’s greatest cartoonists.

  2. Jeet,
    I didn’t say he didn’t have his share of greatness; just that no particular story from Crumb has galvanized the comics world (as I perceive it) in a while.

    Psst. Here’s a helpful way to make out those crazies you’ve been warned against–

    If you see one who “screams” in all caps– he just might be a crazy ‘un.