PS: In regard to everyone who wrote to us about Baltimore, this post is NOT a comprehensive list of all the fall cons, just a spotlight on the two NEW ones. The Sept-Oct period also includes New York Anime Fest, the British International Comics Expo, Baltimore Comic-Con, the Diamond Retailers Summit, and APE. Also…if we’re not mistaken, Mid-Ohio Con, and probably tons of others that we don’t know about.

We’ll be attending SPX, Baltimore and the Retailer Summit, as well as the Big Apple Con. Look for more coverage on ALL of these shows here at The Beat in the coming days, and if you have news, premieres, gossip, or anything else regarding these shows, please send it our way.

The new
Long Beach Comic Con has announced their programming slate, with Berkeley Breathed, DC Nation, Thomas Jane, and lots more. It looks like a nicely balanced show.

Speaking of which, Kiel Phegley looks at the busy fall con season, which is turning into a crowded slate:

As the combined NYCC/NYAF behemoth slumbers through the upcoming winter, two new players to the convention circuit fire up next month in the form of the first ever Long Beach Comic Con at the Long Beach Convention Center from October 2 – 4, and Wizard Entertainment’s rechristened Big Apple Comic-Con at New York City’s Pier 94 on October 16 – 18. While the distance of the entire country makes direct competition for attendees between the cons unlikely, the two-week gap between events certainly means competition in terms of exhibitors, guests and the always vaguely-defined “buzz factor.” The tale of the two cons earns extra attention thanks to the players involved and the similar focus of the shows.

Speaking of Big Apple Comic-Con, we receive almost daily updates of their guest list, and it has definitely expanded on beyond comics:

big apple sports

Of course, we are always psyched to see Yogi Berra and Ric Flair in the same room!


  1. Hey…. what about APE? Directly opposite Big Apple…

    Meanwhile, SPX and NYAF will be fighting it out on the Eastern Seaboard…

    If Big Apple maintains an impressive dealer room, AND provides a venue with more charm than the Hotel Pennsylvania, AND avoids the hype of other Wizard cons and NYCC, then I think it will be successful. Although…. $30 for one day…