After a hard week at the mansion the Beat Staffers (authors of the world’s premiere comic book website The Beat) went out for ice cream. A brand new ice cream shop had just surfaced near the Beat headquarters…a perfect place to enjoy the night off after some truly hard work. The team each got their very favorite flavor of ice cream and as they began to indulge in a tasty treat…but suddenly…the cream manifested itself as the villain Eye-Scream, a rogue who can turn his body into any type of ice cream. Horrified, The Beat Staff dropped their cones and ran towards the doors which were both locked. The entire staff proceeded to huddle together to find a way to leave the the ice cream shoppe and save themselves. Struggling to find a way out of the situation, The Beat staffers did the unthinkable and digested the ice cream. Eye-Scream was nowhere to be found afterwards, but one of the Staffers felt an uncomfortable urge to let out the his Staff Picks, as if he was possessed Eye-Scream. Here’s our picks of the week of 8/12/15:


Possessed Beat Staffer Picks:

Secret Wars #5

Writer: Jonathan Hickman Artist: Esad Ribic + Ive Svorcina



It’s been a long time coming, but the wait of having the next chapter of Secret Wars seem worth it. Esad Ribic and Jonathan Hickman are spinning a yarn out of the Marvel Universe that continues to present itself worthy of being called an “event” comic. Not every big crossover in the collective Marvel canon seems to merit this title, but the stirring climax to issue #4 begs for attention. Eye-Scream feels disdain towards the Marvel Universe— but not enough to pass up on an event like this, as he used the Beat Staffer to divulge his selection.

Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1

Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Jamie McKelvie + Matt Wilson

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The team behind the New York Times bestselling and Eisner-nominated smash hit THE WICKED + THE DIVINE return to the acclaimed urbanfantasy where they first made their names. Nearly a decade ago, Emily Aster sold half her personality for the power to rule a coven of phonomancers. I’m sure nothing could go horribly, monstrously wrong now. In a world where Music is Magic, a song can save or ruin your life. In THE IMMATERIAL GIRL, we discover what a video can do.

If there’s one thing for certain when it comes to the world of Phonogram…it’s that there are no rules. Both Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are returning to the world that mixes music and magic this Wednesday. The results should be nothing less than mystical given that The Singles Club was an astonishing achievement in the world of comics. Given the grounds of experimentation that Gillen and McKelvie also took to The Wicked + Divine and Young Avengers, Phonogram will likely remain something that the comics medium will be proud to remain in print…so says Eye-Scream.

Zach’s Picks

Alex + Ada Vol. 3

Writers: Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn Artist: Jonathan Luna


In this final arc of the sci-fi drama, Alex and Ada struggle against the growing hatred for sentient robots and their human allies. Can they survive what’s around the corner?

The third and final collection of this amazing science fiction series is here, and you should absolutely get it…and the first two as well. Those who took issue with the series’ pacing (sure, it was a little slower than people are used to) will now have no excuse to overlook this truly remarkable inspection of sentience, society, and love.

It Will All Hurt #3

Writer & Artist: Farel Dalrymple


The IWAH kids have come together after many trials and dangers to the citadel of the evil Red Wizard only to face his violent wrath. Robot Tod, Leon Fireglove, Gato Gris and all the rest battle for their life in this climactic issue. Fans of Farel’s epic graphic novel The Wrenchies won’t want to miss this psychedelic fantasy adventure set in the same world.

Dalrymple may have received critical acclaim for his magnum opus The Wrenchies (rightfully deserved, no foolin’), but it all started with his beautiful and mind/heart-wrenching series It Will All Hurt. The series is incredible and unlike anything else out there right now. Pick up and drop your mind in it for a while to get an idea of what a lifetime of comics can mean.

Matthew Jent’s Pick

Eltingville Club #2

Writers & Artist: Evan Dorkin


This is it! The final meeting of the Eltingville Comic Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy Horror, and Role-Playing Club! Ten years after the club’s breakup, Bill, Josh, Pete, and Jerry unexpectedly reunite at the San Diego Comic-Con. Can the biggest fan event of the year survive a decade of pent-up nerd rage?

The conclusion of the nerd-ragingest saga of our time, Evan Dorkin wraps up the long-running tale of the Eltingville Club as the four fanboys reconvene for one final meeting. Dorkin’s art is as detailed as ever— you’ll be able to smell the floor of Comic-Con from the safety of your reading nook— and the mirror he holds up to comics culture is self-loathingly impossible to look away from.

Alex L.’s Pick

Descender #6

Writer: Jeff Lemire  Artist: Dustin Nguyen



The oldest secret in the Universe is revealed and DESCENDER will never be the same.

Jeff Lemire has been doing a fantastic job with Descender, crafting a science fiction story with intense stakes and an incredibly intricate world.  Dustin Nguyen…oh my god, Dustin Nguyen.  His beautiful watercolors breathe warmth into a cold and robot universe, allowing characters like Tim, Scrapper, and the robo-dog Bandit to express themselves in color and line in a way that few other artists can match.  This sixth issue serves as the climax to a stellar first arc, which means that next month’s trade release will mark the perfect time to jump on board the series if you aren’t already a convert.

(As an aside, I’m also very excited about Phonogram: the Immaterial Girl and Alex + Ada Vol. 3.)