We Live #2We Live #2, the latest issue of a new series from The Miranda Brothers published by AfterShock Comics, is due out next month, and today The Beat has an exclusive preview of the book.

The first issue of We Live was an engaging and beautiful comic, one that follows a group of children who are essentially following a protector at the end of the world some point in a not-so-distant future. In the preview we’re sharing with you fine folks here today, the march of these characters continues. It’s a quick four-page bite of the new issue, but in it you can find glimpses of the luscious artwork that made the debut of this series a pretty satisfying read.

So yeah, check out these pages below, along with the expertly rendered shorelines, rainstorms and the apparently very rare appearance of a water dragon, all of which is illustrated by series artist Inaki Miranda and brought to vivid life by the superb coloring work of Eva De La Cruz.

The second issue of We Live is officially slated to hit your friendly neighborhood comic book store on Nov. 18. For now, however, you can find the preview pages from that issue below, after the jump and the solicit info…enjoy!

WE LIVE #2 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale NOVEMBER 18th
Writers: The Miranda Brothers
Artist: Inaki Miranda
Colorist: Eva de la Cruz
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Inaki Miranda
Incentive Cover: David Williams

The encounter with the Bengal Ripper puts the groups survival to the test. Their lives now rest on Simons shoulders, but in the Broken Lands every wrong step comes with a consequence.

Tala and Hototo, now joined by their new friends, Humbo and Alice, find themselves dragged onto a new and unsafe path. Reaching the train to Mother Megalopolis Nine is becoming an uncertain milestone.

We Live #2

We Live #2