The Man Who F#%&ED Up Time #1 has sparked a better-than-expected response from retailers, to the point that publisher AfterShock Comics is now overprinting the debut issue by 50 percent in response to a likely sellout, AfterShock has exclusively told The Beat.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that, based on orders at FOC, the retailer community has realized in this new series what we saw when we green-lit it,” Joe Pruett, AfterShock Publisher and CCO, said in a statement. “This is one hell of a wild ride through time told as only John Layman could tell it and illustrated in stunning detail by Karl Mostert. Rather than wait for the issue to sell out and then rush out a second printing, we’re opting to ensure that there’s enough of this first printing to respond to reorders as soon as possible.”

The Man Who F#%&ED Up Time #1 is due out February 5. It’s 32-page, $4.99 debut comic from writer Layman, artist Mostert, and colorist Dee Cunniffe, with a variant cover by Larry Stroman.

To stoke the high expectations even further, AfterShock has also shared an exclusive preview with The Beat, which you can check out below. Enjoy!

The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time #1 / $4.99/ 32 pages / Color / On sale 02.05.20
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Karl Mostert
Colorist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterer: John Layman
Cover: Karl Mostert w/ Dee Cunniffe
Incentive Cover: Larry Stroman

Sean Bennett is just your everyday, ordinary lab worker in a high-tech lab with a prototype time machine. And, yeah, he’s got the same temptations any of us would have about going back in time, just a bit, to correct mistakes of the past and right old wrongs. So, when he meets a version of himself from the future who encourages him to do just that, Sean takes the temporal plunge. Only…can you guess what happens next? Did you read the book title? Yup. All of TIME is f#%&ed up now, and it’s up to Sean to correct it—or else!

Presenting a time-twisted sci-fi action-comedy, a butterfly effect noir, by multiple Eisner-winning writer John Layman (Chew, ELEANOR & THE EGRET) and talented newcomer Karl Mostert. Order it today…before time runs out!

The Man Who F#%&ed Up Time #1