When Greg Rucka returned to Wonder Woman alongside lead artists Liam Sharp, Bilquis Evely, and Nicola Scott, they had one goal in mind: to tell us who Diana Prince really is. Over the years, Wonder Woman has been many things– a warrior, a diplomat, a member of the Justice League, a lover, a champion of the gods, a champion of mankind, and so much more. Often these identities have clashed– elements of her past have been reformed so many times that in a sense, Diana lost her truth. Her sense of identity and self.

Now, in Wonder Woman #25, the final issue of this epic run, Diana has rediscovered her truth. However, it isn’t what she thought it would be. She feels angry and abandoned. She’s lost the Perfect, a gift from the patrons whom she believes have fooled her into believing lies for decades. She’s lost her friend, Barbara Ann Minerva, to the curse of Urzkartaga once again.

Perhaps, indeed, ignorance was bliss for Diana. Or perhaps this struggle is the first step to true happiness for her. Check out the Comics Beat’s preview of Wonder Woman #25, out this Wednesday.

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artists: Liam Sharp & Bilquis Evely

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Jodi Wynne

Writer Greg Rucka weaves together the threads of “The Lies,” “Year One,” “The Truth,” and “Godwatch”—every story in WONDER WOMAN since the start of the DC Universe Rebirth era—in this extra-sized anniversary issue!


  1. So much for all that love WW was showing her enemies for the first 23 issues. Why didn’t WW get on her knees and beg the alien for mercy? And profess her love for him? I guess she only does that when she has the lasso?

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