This fall, Image Comics will collect the second volume of Dean Haspiel‘s ongoing The Red Hook series, which explores superhero origins in a sentient and separated Brooklyn. Currently in its third arc on Webtoon, the series follows super-thief-turned-reluctant-hero Red Hook as he attempts to save the city from itself. In the upcoming trade paperback, War Cry, he gets an unexpected reunion with his late girlfriend, though she isn’t quite who he remembers.

The Beat can reveal an exclusive, five-page preview of The Red Hook, Vol. 2: War Cry ahead of its release through Image. The new volume hits comic shops October 9 and is currently available for pre-order (Diamond ID: AUG190110). Vol. 1 is also available for purchase, and as mentioned above, the series is in its third volume, Starcross, on Webtoon. If the preview below piques your interest and you just can’t wait for the trade, you can read the webcomic right now.

Check out the War Cry preview and solicit text below and be sure to pre-order your copy from your LCS.

The Red Hook’s dead girlfriend is resurrected into War Cry, a human of mass destruction hosted by a teenage boy named Rajak Allah. When a demigod from their past comes to haunt them to death, they must resolve their lost love. This Ringo-nominated comic continues the New Brooklyn saga.

The Red Hook Vol. 2: War Cry cover
War Cry preview War Cry preview