Have you ever heard the saying “I have a date with death?” No, that’s not how that goes? WELL IT IS NOW.

In Kim Reaper #2, dark humor, black magic, and crazy cat people collide as the eponymous soul collector is forced to reckon with the forces of death, muscles, and romance. Check out the Comics Beat’s preview of the second issue, out next Wednesday, May 17th, after the jump!

Cartoonist: Sarah Graley
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Humor, Adventure
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Synopsis: Guiding souls to the afterlife doesn’t always go smoothly, especially when SOMEONE (Becka!) interrupts the job. Now, Kim and Becka must contend with a very irate and very uncooperative customer. The pair need to hatch a plan to complete Kim’s allotment of souls without interruption, or Kim may lose her job—and potentially her life!