This July 2000 AD will launch Mega City Max, a new one-shot comic set in the dystopian world Mega-City One. Fans of the publisher recognize that as the home of none other than Judge Dredd!

The upcoming young adult/teen comic is a stand-alone collection of stories featuring updated versions of top 2000 AD characters such as Harlem Heroes, De Marco PI, Devlin Waugh, and Walter the Wobot. There will also be plenty of new characters, and no prior knowledge of the universe is required to dive in.

Mega City Max

The creators behind some of the stories include:

  • Hannah Templer (Cosmoknights) Ramzee (Edge of Spider-Verse) Oliver Gerlach (Young Men in Love) VV Glass (Boom’s The Last Witch)
  • Lucie Ebrey (Amazing World of Gumball) Roger Langridge (Bill & Ted Are Doomed)
  • Korinna Mei Veropoulou (Escape From Bitch Mountain)

While the book is set to release on July 19, the publisher will be sharing a sneak preview prelude story to celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2023. The publisher’s Silver Comic-The Best Comic Ever! will give readers a taste of what to expect in the one-shot.

The Beat received an exclusive look at two pages from the Devlin Waugh story in Mega City Max. Check it out below!

Mega City Max Mega City Max