Magma Comix is gearing up to release the trade paperback of Death Comes for the Toymaker. Hitting comic stores on November 6 and bookstores on the 19th, the tale’s creative team includes Dakota Brown (Grandma Tilly’s Hell-Tech Mech) and artist Ryan Cody (Family Tree).
Read the synopsis from the publisher below:
Death comes for us all. But for Gil the Toymaker, the visit is an eternal tragedy! Every year the holiday gift giver visits children all over the world on a special night, but Gil’s immortality comes at a cost. Forced to do the work of Death, carrying a list of ready-to-harvest souls alongside his naughty and nice lists, Gil gives toys AND takes souls all in one night! But as the Toymaker reflects on the relationship he’s had with Death for several millennia, an associate reveals a scheme that may just put an end to Death’s contract (and, perhaps, Death himself!)
With small moments with old friends and bitter battles between eternal rivals, Death Comes For the Toymaker is a mythic epic full of action, terror, introspection, and heart.
For fans of gods and goddesses, mythic beasts, bloody battles across multiple millennia, and exploring the tragedies that are the passage of time and missed opportunities, the 144-page trade paperback brings familiar characters from mythology and folklore; it’s an epic twist on the traditional Christmas legend.

Readers will recognize some familiar characters from myth and folklore in this twist on Christmas. Writer Brown explains more.

“It began as a small pitch with public domain characters battling on an eye-catching cover, but it quickly became a passion project of unexpectedly epic proportions,” said Brown. “I was lucky to get Ryan Cody‘s dynamic, atmospheric art and Micah Myers‘ life-giving lettering involved, and Andrea Molinari‘s mythic knowledge and thoughtful edits kept the world in check. It’s an honor to join the creators and properties that are already involved with Magma Comix, and being in the hands of trusted industry veterans; teaming up with them has sent the series on a smooth-sailing ride that will finally get the full story in readers’ hands.” 

“We’re delighted to bring this much anticipated story to readers, not only because we adore it, but also because it is Magma’s first title specifically for a young adult audience,” said Magma Comix President and Publisher Denton J. Tipton. “We hope you fall in love with this comic just like we did.”

Death Comes for the Toymaker hits stores this fall.Check out an exclusive preview here!