Bizarro has always lived his life on a clock. Created in a misguided attempt to clone a Kryptonian, Bizarro was born as an outcast– a stranger in a strange land. Though incredibly powerful, his body was inherently unstable. And now that instability sees him on his deathbed in Red Hood and the Outlaws #12. As Bizarro’s body continues to deteriorate at an accelerated rate, will his fellow outlaws be able to rescue him before his clock stops?

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Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Dexter Soy

Colorist: Veronica Gandini

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

“THE LIFE OF BIZARRO” part one! Bizarro’s final days are upon us! As Red Hood and the Outlaws rush home to Gotham City in an effort to save Bizarro’s life, a new threat is unleashed in the form of Solomon Grundy! Can the Outlaws stop Grundy’s rampage without their most powerful member? Who unleashed the monster in the first place? And can Grundy defeated in time to save Bizarro from certain death? Find out in the start of a brand new adventure!