Today The Beat has an exclusive preview of Kaiju Score #3, the new Kaiju heist comic published by AfterShock Comics.

The concept of this book — which is written by James Patrick, illustrated by Rem Broo, and lettered by Dave Sharpe — is a strong one: this is a heist comic that also involves Kaiju. With that in mind, you’ll see all of this played out in today’s exclusive preview, which features a heist going belly up (in a bloody way), Kaiju, and our lead characters reacting to both.

You can find The Beat’s exclusive preview of Kaiju Score #3 below, following the solicit information for the book and the jump…enjoy!

KAIJU SCORE #3 / $4.99 / 32 pages / Color / On Sale 1.27.21
Writer: James Patrick
Artist and Colorist: Rem Broo
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Main Cover: Rem Broo


Things just got complicated for the crew of the Kaiju Score. Not complicated like putting together a piece of Ikea furniture, but as in another giant monster just showed up. And complicated as in one of the crew just went completely off script. Now Marco has to
improvise. But will everyone do what he says, or will things just get worse? It’s all just par for the course for the Kaiju Score.

Kaiju Score #3

Kaiju Score #3