Restless, the debut graphic novel by Joseph Kai, is available now from Street Noise Books. However, you can get your first look at the new comic right here, today at The Beat, with an exclusive excerpt included below this article.


Here’s the description of Restless from Street Noise Books:

“What would life feel like without fear and oppression? Is it possible to find solace in the power of chosen family, underground art collectives, and ultimately revolution?

“It’s 30 years after the end of the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon, and a few months before the disastrous explosion of August 2020. Samar, a young queer comic book artist, wanders between anguished dreams, childhood memories, sexual experiences, and Beirut’s alternative communities. This abstractly autobiographical story tells of the author’s anxiety over living in a complex city of changing colors and moods. Three powerful themes: art, sex, and political uprising, are interwoven in a compelling narrative and an otherwordly color palette.”

And here’s Kai’s bio:

“Joseph Kai is a queer artist from Beirut, Lebanon. He has published several works with the Lebanese collective of BD Samandal Comics. Joseph has participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions in Beirut, Lebanon; Berlin, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; and both Angouleme and Paris, France. He is currently living and working in Paris. Restless is his debut graphic novel.”

Available from Street Noise Books now

Kai is currently on tour in support of Restless. Here’s the schedule:

Restless tour

Will you be checking out Restless? Will you have the opportunity to see Kai during the fall author book tour?

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Restless is avaiable at your local bookstore and/or public library now.