Today, it was announced that Captain America: Ghost Army, a new graphic novel by Alan Gratz (Refugee; Ground Zero) and Brent Schoonover (Deadpool; Army of Darkness; Jughead) will be published by Scholastic Graphix! Ghost Army will be arriving at your local bookstore and public library on August 1st, 2022.

Now, The Beat is pleased to exclusively debut two pieces of concept art for the graphic novel, giving insight into the character design of the heroic Captain America… as well as the graphic novel’s antagonist, the villainous Baron Mordo!

Captain America: Ghost Army

Ghost Army

Featuring an historical story that stars Steve Rogers as Cap and a young Bucky Barnes as his loyal sidekick, Ghost Army will deliver on the promise of its name when the two heroes find themselves face-to-face with an army of apparitions in the midst of a battle against Nazi forces who are occupying the Transylvanian woods!

Each night, the soldiers of wars past (and this war) are rising from their graves each evening, and they cannot be felled by mortal means! However, each morning they disappear without a trace…

It’s up to Cap and Bucky to come up with a winning strategy to utilize against the armies of the dead… and to determine just what Baron Mordo, who resides nearby in a castle atop the titular Wundagore Mountain, has to do with the mysterious supernatural proceedings…

Mordo’s Comics Backstory

Ghost Army

Baron Karl Mordo is often an adversary of Doctor Strange, which makes sense given the supernatural bent of his powers!

He first appeared in Strange Tales #111, in the story “Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo” by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Stan Goldberg, and Terry Szenics.

And the character was played by Chiwetel Ejiofor in 2016’s Doctor Strange, as well as in the forthcoming sequel.

Arriving August 2022

Will you be picking up Captain America: Ghost Army when it arrives on August 1st, 2022? What do you think of these character designs for Cap and Mordo?

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