Pixar’s Ben Queen (Cars 2Cars 3, NBC’s A to Z) and children’s book author and illustrator Joe Todd-Stanton (Arthur and the Golden Rope) will take readers on an all new adventure next summer. The Beat can exclusively announce that BOOM! Studios imprint Archaia will publish Bear, a kids’ graphic novel about a guide dog and his owner, in August 2020.

“With Bear I really wanted to create something that shows a world that we are familiar with, but in a completely new and original way. Joe Todd-Stanton’s illustrations take that unique lens and add a whole new level of imagination and joy,” Queen said in a statement. “Bear is a wonder-filled adventure about the deep bond of friendship. Plus, talking animals! I guarantee you will not see the world the same way after you’ve seen it through the eyes of Bear.” 

Bear follows the eponymous guide dog whose love for his owner, Patrick, knows no bounds. The two make a great team, but when Bear’s vision suddenly vanishes one day, making him blind as well, he decides that the only way to stay by Patrick’s side is to find a way to get his sight back. Worried that his abilities define their friendship, Bear embarks on an epic quest to find a magical forest spirit who may be able to help him regain his sight. The journey takes him across all kinds of terrain as he makes new friends and navigates new challenges, with one goal in mind: getting back to his best friend’s side.

“Bear’s story is an emotional roller coaster that brings to mind those great self-discovery adventure movies from the ‘80s like Stand by Me or The Goonies, except this story has evil raccoons and a dog the size of an American black bear—what’s not to love?!” said artist Joe Todd-Stanton, also in a statement.

“Ben and Joe tug at the heartstrings with this touching story of a dog’s devotion to his best friend and the lengths he’s willing to go to take care of him,” said Sierra Hahn, Executive Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Readers of all ages will get swept up in Bear and his transcendent journey as he learns new ways to navigate the world.” 

Bear hits shelves in August 2020 in physical stores and on digital platforms. BOOM! does not currently have plans to produce audiobook or braille versions of the story, but per a company rep, that could change. For more information, visit boom-studios.com.

Bear OGN Cover

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