Next Stop, the debut graphic novel by Debbie Fong, Pia takes a bus tour to get her mind off of a personal tragedy and family conflict. But while the final destination may be reputed to possess magical powers, it’s the whole journey that helps Pia heal.

Next Stop will be published by Random House Graphic, and is scheduled to arrive at your local bookstore and/or public library beginning on March 19th, 2024. But in the meantime, you can get your first look inside today, right here at Comics Beat!

Next Stop 

Here’s the description of Next Stop from the publisher:

“Pia is a soft-spoken middle schooler whose life is turned upside down after the loss of her younger brother, followed by her parents’ decision to move to a new town. In an effort to get her mind off of the troubles at home, Pia goes on a bus tour with a family friend, stopping at weird and wacky roadside attractions. The final destination: a mysterious underground lake. The locals say it has magical powers; Pia won’t admit she believes in it, but she’s holding on to hope that the waters may hold the answer to mending her broken family.”

“The trip is much more than the final stop. The friendships that Pia makes along the way are just as valuable as the destination itself. Next Stop explores grief, resilience, and learning how to laugh again. Debbie Fong weaves together an incredibly strong debut filled with humor and heart, with a splash of mystery and magic.”

Arriving March 2024

You can get your first look inside Next Stop right below this article.

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