Rob Liefeld is a fascinating and polarizing creator whose next comics work is sure to turn more than a couple heads. The author already announced his first Old Testament adaptation with Judges: The Covenant launching sometime in Fall 2015, now we can also look forward to another Liefeld Bible adaptation with Eve and the Garden of Eden. Liefeld Creations announced the news which was followed with a quote from Rob himself that will sort of get readers acclimated into what they might see in the new book.

“I have several Bible themed projects coming out in 2015,” said Liefeld. “Eve and The Garden of Eden chronicles the time and adventures that Eve experienced with Adam in their time in Paradise. Even the most conservative estimates put Adam and Eve in the Garden at least 100 years, we don’t really believe they were laying around staring longingly at each other the entire time right? The Accuser had fallen from the Heavens and was plotting his destruction and poisoning of Paradise from the beginning.”

Pencillers Patrick Blaine and Mike Capprotti are actually drawing over Rob’s roughs pencils with a few more artists peppered in. The results are astonishing in the case of this preview art teased for the new book;


The art will be provided by a variety of illustrators working over my pencils, layouts and storytelling. A preview of the gorgeous work of Patrick Blaine and Mike Capprotti over my pencil roughs is featured here. This will arrive this fall, following The Covenant, Bloodstrike and Brigade!

This stands in stark contrast with the artists’ more classic pencilling style seen in Judges: The Covenant. Liefeld recently shared an image showing some behind-the-scenes images from the upcoming work which is pencilled and inked by Matt Horak.


“I’ll be providing covers for The Covenant which will launch in early 2015. An announcement from the publisher is forthcoming.”

Stay tuned for what’s sure to be a new chapter in the creative life of Rob Liefeld.


  1. This looks really good. And Liefeld roughs with other artists doing finishes could work out. Let’s wait and see!

  2. God created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs; when Liefeld re-created Captain America, he gave him a dozen extra ribs.

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