2012 came a little early today: Vinnie Tartamella writes to tell us that Bluewater’s comics biographies were discussed on The View today, specifically the Barbara Walters edition, for which Tartamella provided the cover. For those who work during the day, The View is an hourlong discussion show in which a variety of colorful yentas talk about this that and the other thing, endlessly. To be honest, if you turned a camera on The Beat and her pals in about 25 years, or your mom right now, it would be exactly like The View.

According to Tartamella, the ladies also showed the covers of the Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama bio comics.


You can see Babs seems pretty enthusiastic in these screen caps, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck, as usual, looks like she just smelled a ten-day-old egg/turnip/limberger casserole.


  1. Hasselbeck’s wondering why they haven’t given her a comic book yet.

    From Survivor to the View! It’ll be as big as Palin’s book! (In her mind)

  2. The Barbara Walters comic is a nice background for what is sure to become a Bash Elisabeth Hasselbeck thread. Congrats to Babs and I’m glad they discussed the comic on the show. Please try to keep the Anti-Conservative snark to minimum. We love comics too.

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