Beginning in September 2020, BOOM! Studios will print a series of historical graphic novels that highlight the triumphs and struggles of figures who aren’t found in traditional textbooks under its BOOM! Box imprint. The series is called Seen: True Stories of Marginalized Trailblazers, and the publisher announced two figures who will be spotlighted when the series kicks off next year: sculptor Edmonia Lewis and scientist Rachel Carson.

“Traditionally, the history books do not provide a clear lens to examine the accomplishments, gifts, and world-changing acts of countless unsung figures who fall outside of the typical classroom curricula. We wanted to create beautiful, accessible comic pocketbooks for young adults and teens that tell the stories of those whose impact was as large and meaningful as anyone you may have learned about in school,” said BOOM! Studios Senior Editor Shannon Watters in a statement. “Thanks to [writer Jasmine Walls and artist Bex Glendining], the first spotlight is thrown on the accomplished, innovative sculptor and artist, Edmonia Lewis, who rose to prominence on the strength of her remarkable artistry and skill.”

Seen: Edmonia Lewis is slated for release in September 2020 and explores how, during the Civil War, Lewis became the first sculptor of African-American and Native American heritage to earn international acclaim.

“I’m incredibly excited to share Seen: Edmonia Lewis!” Walls said in a statement. “This globe-trotting, groundbreaking sculptor defied the roles expected of her, and paved her own path to international acclaim. She’s a role model I wish I’d known about as a young artist, and I hope she inspires a new generation.”

Glendining added, “Edmonia stood her ground and took the fine art world by storm with her incredible sculptures. I can’t wait to help bring this amazing historical figure to life along with writer Jasmine Walls. I hope you’ll connect and fall in love with her story too!”

In December 2020, BOOM! Box will release the second OGN in the series, Seen: Rachel Carson, written by Birdie Willis and illustrated by Rii Abrego. That one will ostensibly chronicle the life of the marine biologist, author, and conservationist, whose 1962 book Silent Spring radically altered our understanding of pesticides and their impact on the environment.

Also in the announcement on Tuesday, BOOM! listed acclaimed creators Anthony Oliveira and Killian Ng among those involved in the Seen series, but did not announce what book(s) the pair will be working on.

Check out the covers for Seen: Edmonia Lewis and Seen: Rachel Carson below, and stay tuned for more announcements about the Seen: True Stories of Marginalized Trailblazers series of graphic novels. For more info, visit

Seen: Edmonia Lewis

Seen: Rachel Carson