The most obvious crossover hidden in plain site is now revealed; Tarzan will be hanging out with the Planet of the Apes cast members for an upcoming crossover story announced today at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.

BOOM! Studios and Dark Horse have unveiled a new comic with Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes, an upcoming five-issue story written by Tim Seeley (Batman: Eternal) and David F. Walker (Shaft) with art from Fernando Dagnino (Suicide Squad).  The two-publisher crossover debuts in September. CBR broke the news and cover while confirming that Planet of the Apes cast members Zira and Cornelius will be returning alongside the pair’s biological son Milo. Seeley lifted the curtain back on the series a bit more, explaining that Tarzan will be grown up in the story and raised by Zira and Cornelius.

Walker explained some of the differences between the two characters via his CBR interview;

We bring in quite a few recognizable and classic characters, but we play around with them — starting with Tarzan. This is not the same Tarzan you know and love, though he is very familiar. The biggest changes we see are in the POTA characters. We see a lot of them, from many of the original movies, and they are all different — some slightly, other drastically.

There’s one in particular — I can’t say without giving away a major spoiler. One of the things Tim and I did, with the help of Scott, was to create a world of Tarzan and POTA that makes sense — at least in the classic willing suspension of disbelief sense.

Seeley honored the word of Dagnino with the following comment;

We don’t really work “with” him, since he’s off in Italy slinging lead without us, but I can say unreservedly that the pages I’ve seen are really beautiful. Fernando’s stuff is reminiscent of the best Tarzan artists — John Buscema, Joe Kubert, Russ Manning and Burne Hogarth, but with a modern twist.

Planet of the Apes was originally created by french novelist, Pierre Boulle in 1963 and adapted into a film. Tarzan first appeared in the magazine, All-Story Comics in 1912 created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first Tarzan novel, called Tarzan of the Apes may prove that this crossover was bound to happen eventually.


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