Dylan Horrocks
, one of New Zealand’s premier cartoonists, hasn’t been much heard from in recent years, but he’s got a brand new website which will showcase the popular webcomics serialization of his old print series ATLAS — which has come out twice since 2001, so hopefully he’ll be a bit more prolific!

Well, it’s taken me a while, but I’m finally joining the wonderful world of online comics. Henceforth, this site will be my primary way of serialising long stories, replacing the old paper pamphlet format of Pickle and Atlas. I’m making the shift for a number of reasons – from my growing enthusiasm for the internet to the appeal of weekly deadlines – but for those who still love paper, never fear: everything will end up as book collections as well.

Horrocks plans to serialize two stories online, “The American Dream” and “Sam Zabel & the Magic Pen.” Since Dylan is one of our most favoritest cartoonists, we’re overjoyed to see him back in the game.

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  1. I’m looking out for webcomics to follow, as affording print for a regular fix is getting harder and harder to justify to wife and kids. Now I’ll have three, Hicksville, Finder and Girl Genius. I’m really struggling to find more though. Achewood, PVP and Penny Arcade don’t really connect with me and far too many webcomics seem to be about 20something slackers, hackers and gamers that have limited appeal for a 40something writer, artist, family man and working joe.

    Anybody point me towards any more?

  2. @Pete Bangs: i’m in your demographic and i thought you might be interested in looking at other web comics from my Google Reader web comics folder (besides Girl Genius and Finder, which i have bookmarked as well).

    However, my list of links apparently looked too much like s*p*a*m, so the comments system has silently eaten it. So here are some suggestions WITHOUT links. A Google search for these (with, say “web comic” appended) should get you the goods.

    All of these are fairly regularly updated and most all are of a serial
    nature with an ongoing story, rather than one-off comic strips. Some
    you can even share with your kids. In no particular order:

    Big Head Press serializes its publications online. Currently running “Odysseus the Rebel” and “Escape From Terra” but there are others as well.

    Freakangels. Warren Ellis & Paul Duffield.

    The Phoenix Requiem. Sarah Ellerton

    Clockwork Game. Jane Irwin.

    Johnny Crossbones. Les McClaine.

    Tozo the Public Servant. David O’Connell.

    The Abominable Charles Christopher. Karl Kerschl.

    Sin Titulo. Cameron Stewart.

    The Rainbow Orchid. Garen Ewing.

    The Princess Planet. Brian McLachlan

    A Distant Soil. Colleen Doran.

    Gastrophobia. David McGuire.

    Moving Pictures. Kathryn Immonen & Stuart Immonen.

    Family Man. Dylan Meconis.

  3. Thanks Skipper. all of those hit the spot perfectly and I’d only heard of two of them. I’ve got them all added to my Google reader, plus I’m eagerly looking forward to the print version of Les McLaines Johnny Crossbones.

    Thanks again, gotta get reading and caught up.