200807161043Calling all Kremlinologists! If I had a dime for everyone who wishes they had been a fly on the wall for the big WB/DC summit on how to fix the DC movie slate I would have a hell of a lot of dimes. While we don’t know exactly who was at the meeting from the creative side aside from Jim Lee, it would be a pretty safe bet that one was Geoff Johns, the Green Lantern’s light for the darkest night some think DC Comics is now experiencing. Johns is a trusted force at DC right now, and has lots of Hollywood bona fides. Now we may not know what Johns said or did at the summit, but this episode of Comics on Comics may provide a clue to his thinking. The program, taped at the Golden Apple, features comedians host Juan-Manual Rocha interviewing comedian guests and comics guests. This episode featured Frank Conniff, Ken Pringle and Matt Weinhold along with Johns. The subject of Marvel vs DC comes up about 12 minutes in. Pringle points out that Marvel has the advantage of being able to go to different studios and wonders if DC will learn a lesson from Marvel’s success and start their own production outfit. Johns responds thusly:

“I would say you’re going to see it. they’re going to have to learn. Once you have it, first THIS movie does well and this one AND this one and this one.”

Coniff then throws in a gloomy overview: “WB is famous for screwing up ALLLL of their properties. They always get it wrong with stuff they own.”

[Thanks to Blair Marnell for helping us with IDs for this.]


  1. Is Marvel’s new deal with Paramount exclusive? I’m not sure if they have the freedom to go to any studio anymore. Universal put out Incredible Hulk, but I think just because they already owned the property before Marvel’s new deal with Par that gives that studio the rights to distribute their future films. (Iron Man probably first film in that deal.)

  2. That’s certainly the most coy, “I know something YOU don’t know” photo I’ve ever seen of Johns. All he needs is the Dr. Evil pinky at the lower lip.

  3. I’ve seen this show online. It’s very funny.

    One correction, the comedians are not the hosts of the show. The comedians are guests just like the creators and the lineup changes every episode. Juan Manual Rocha & Robbie Peron are the hosts.

  4. Whatever, Geoff Johns is such a positive force in the industry right now, him just breathing into the air creates a level of confidence among consumers in an industry in desperate need of more positivity.

    I love John’s work, he always has nice and positive things to say and his respect for the characters and the work creators did on those characters prior to him speaks volumes.

    He tells great stories too.

    Always good for the industry.

  5. “his respect for the characters and the work creators did on those characters prior to him speaks volumes.”

    Like when he’s depicting characters being dismembered and mutilated and then joking about it at conventions!

  6. Hey Scott –

    You probably wish you were washing your mouth out with Johns’ ball sac – why don’t you go play over at Harry Knowles’s yard and leave the comments here to the professionals?