There’s a “Death of Superman” digital sale going on.  It’s an odd thing that doesn’t seem to be totally Death of Superman related, but I suppose they’re trying to tie it into the current Death of Superman comic.  You can’t kill a character off too many times, apparently.  Here are a few things worth having a look at, not all of which are as morbid as the sale’s name:

All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely is probably the best Superman comic of the last 20 years.  A series that’s a love letter to the early Silver Age Superman comics.

If you’d like to read a longer, coherent, run of Superman comics, I’d say the Superman: Man of Steel reprint series of the 80s run is probably your best best.  New 52 Superman was a mess and while elements of Rebirth Superman titles offered here are decent, there’s the whole “where did which Superman come from” problem and the less said about the Oz storyline, the better.


The ’90s Superman Adventures is an oddity.  It’s based out of the TV cartoon of the day, but it’s written by the likes of Paul Dini, Scott McCloud and Mark Millar.

Emperor Joker is departure from the majority of Superman stories.  To avoid spoilers, we’ll call it “what if the Joker had a Cosmic Cube and reshaped the universe?”  It’s dark and odd, but interesting.

If you’re looking for the high page count volumes in this sale, those would be the Superman: The Golden Age and World’s Finest: The Silver Age  volumes.


  1. “I suppose they’re trying to tie it into the current Death of Superman comic.”

    I guess DC trots this out every 25 years, for a new generation of gullible readers. Doubt the mainstream media will fall for it this time.

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