There’s been a refresh on the digital comics sales, so let’s have a look at the highlights of what’s out there and what’s good.

As you may have heard, there’s a Deadpool movie coming out, so we really shouldn’t be astonished that there’s a Deadpool digital comic sale, should we?  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  What’s good for Deadpool?  You hear a lot of different opinions on that.  Some people swear by Joe Kelly.  Some people prefer Priest.  It might be easier to just start at the beginning with Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1.

Over on the DC side of the world, there’s the oddly titled “DC on TV” sale.  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  No, I can’t tell you why 52 is included in that sale.  Maybe it’s foreshadowing of an upcoming adaption?  What we have here is a eclectic mix of titles from DC’s various adapted works.  Some of this is simple: if you’re interested in Preacher, it’s a single multi-volume work, so just start with Vol. 1.  For Hellblazer (Constantine to the film and TV folks), absolutely start with the Delano/Ridgeway original.  Some of the best material was first.  There’s a fair amount of material to browse through, but let’s end this by seizing the opportunity to recommend the current Deathstroke run.  Priest is doing wonderful work there and why not have Preacher and Priest as bookends?

Marvel also has a “Young Guns” sale – Young Guns being their current recycling of an artist promotion that started in 2004.  While nothing says “Fresh Start” like another 14 year old promotion, there’s still a few worthwhile things in here.  Here’s the Amazon page and here’s the Comixology page.  The Punisher run by Greg Rucka and (primarily)  Marco Checchetto is a good one that flew primarily under the radar.  The Star Wars: Kanan (think Star Wars Rebels) by Greg Weisman and Pepe Larraz is another one that’s a good read, but got overshadowed a bit by the Darth Vader series.

And finally, getting away from the Big 2, there’s a Comixology-only sale on Hellboy.  You might as well start with volume 1 there, but it’s all good.


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