Arrow is a pretty amazing piece of television. The most amazing thing about it is the fact it exists. A showcase for the salmon ladder and some of the strangest law enforcement ever seen in the medium, the TV show is filled with some pretty amazing things. Despite that, the show hasn’t yet affected the comic in any way.

That’s going to change with issue #25 of the series, however, as  Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino’s are going to borrow easily the best part of the TV show and transport him into the comic. Of course, I’m talking about Diggle.


Toronto Fan Expo is currently underway over in, well, Toronto, and Canadian writer Jeff Lemire has been very busy talking with about all his upcoming projects. The first – and best – piece of news is that John Diggle will be joining Green Arrow as of issue #25.

One of the best characters on television, Diggle (played by David Ramsey) is Oliver Queen’s bodyguard and shafting partner. One of the most (or perhaps only) universally praised aspects of the show, his character quickly developed into one of the main reasons to watch the show. Ramsey’s performance is pretty brilliant, and the character has resonated strongly with fans.

Now he’s coming to comics, following DC’s new trend of bringing the most successful aspects of their TV and film franchises into the comic universe. Batman Begins has now started to influence Scott Snyder’s Batman, and now Arrow follows that lead.

Diggle spends perhaps 80% of every episode of the TV show scowling or rolling his eyes at his employer, so hopefully Sorrentino is going to really go for it and deliver us the full exasperated Diggle experience.



Also announced at the Expo was ‘Justice League Canada’, the next arc of Justice League of America. Following the current Trinity War and Forever Evil storyline, it appears that the remaining members of the team will be relocating across the border, and setting up shop in Canada. A new Canadian character will subsequently join the team, Lemire revealed.

Justice League

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  1. Love this news. Love this show. The series finale was BONKERS. Seriously — it was a 42 minute comic book movie. I’m still catching my breath.

  2. “DC’s new trend of bringing the most successful aspects of their TV and film franchises into the comic universe.”

    DC have been doing that kind of thing since the early 1940s.

  3. “easily the best part of the TV show”
    Genuinely surprised anyone thinks this. Boring character played boringly by the actor.

  4. I’d like to point out that the new CGI Beware The Batman also pulls elements from the the Dark Knight trilogy Nolanverse. In fact, I’d be safe to assume that these episodes are the untold tales between “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.”



  5. @Cary Coatney – that requires a little bit of stretching when it comes to Alfred, don’t you think?

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