I knew there would be noble struggle. I didn’t know the whole thing would be ABOUT noble struggle.


  1. there’s an article in today’s washington post about HP fan fiction, dancing lightly around HP slash.

  2. I’m on page 268. It’s great stuff.

    I’m not missing, err…nevermind, don’t want to spoil even minor and obvious things.

    Mary: Why even bother posting here? Feeling negative today, are we? Go belch loudly and obnoxiosly at somebody else’s party, please

  3. It must be my summer for weeping. I cried for a straight hour after I was done.
    The whole thing’s really been something.

    At last, a final chapter that did not disappoint. (I’m looking at you C.S. Lewis and George Lucas, you bastards.)

  4. Hmmm. Not bad. Having read each book once, I could have used a few more reminders (what’s a squib? figured it out later.)
    I will probably get more out of it once an annotated edition is published (preferably with illustations from around the world).
    Reading the deluxe edition, I noticed Warner’s trademark on the dustjacket. Reading the title page verso (or should that be “title page sinister”?), one sees that certain rights have been sold by the author. I remember when this was done, but don’t recall the reaction from the internet.
    One Question, NO SPOILAGE: where is the New World? Or rest of Europe? Mr. Taboo is taking over the United Kingdom, and there is little reaction. and what of the Queen? Sorry if I’m expecting too much realism from my fantasy, but I wonder… and the author does cross the line between magic and technology a few times, so it is a valid point.
    I’ll be back later, when i don’t have to be cryptic. meantime, i’ll reread page 750, there’s an interesting chapter on the New York…

  5. Mary is a troll who posts on various topics here under various names. Suffice to say she won’t be bothering us again.

  6. Between hosting a Harry Potter midnight release, going to see Daft Punk last night, and reading the whole thing before 1 in the afternoon today, I am EXHAUSTED! Regardless, a great read. I was shocked, saddened, thrilled and everything in between. Enjoy the book, folks!

  7. I’m starting to get caught up in the promotion of this one. Would it be horrible if I started with the last book?

  8. “Would it be horrible if I started with the last book?”

    Oh, you don’t want to do that. The reason that everybody is caught up in HP is because they’ve been though everything with Harry from the start. Start with book one. You won’t be sorry.

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